How to enjoy the 3.5 litre draft beer tower

Happy Saturday ladies and gentlemen,but more so to the gentlemen since this is a guy blog. Since Saturday is a day for drinking alcohol i thought it prudent to give you gentlemen out there some tips on how to best drink draft lager. These tips are particularly useful if you are in Harare, Zimbabwe. This is because my experiences are based mainly in this iconic city.

A half emptied tower. Who needs a liver anyway ?

Now, beer is  a seemingly simple concept. This is because we all know where to buy our favourite brands like Castle lager,Lion Lager(My favourite), Black Label and the green pints like Zambezi and Bohlingers. But did you know that there are many types of beer.  A beer can be a lager,pilsener,ale or draft. The differences are in the brewing processes and sometimes the ingredients. For example although Delta’s Eagle lager is a lager it is different from Castle Lager in that it is a pure sorghum beer. Castle has no sorghum but it has Barley and Hops. So the two are lagers  are very different and they also taste different.So now ,where does this leave the subject of today’s post? My understanding is that draft beer is different from lager because draft is meant to be stored in barrels so that it matures. If you  look the dispensing machine in your local pub you will notice that it is basically a pump connect to a 25 liter barrel.You will see these wooden barrels in medieval movies where the epic heroes come back from slaying the dragon and they head  to the local tavern.Usually drunken fights break out and someone’s head usually ends up in said wooden barrel. Come to think of it ,i read somewhere that in medieval times people drank beer when thirsty because local water supplies where unreliable and laden with cholera,typhoid and what not. Tell that to them when they say you should not drink beer. Anyway ,i digress. Draft is also slightly higher in alcohol percentage than lager. If you need another reason to drink draft instead of lager you need to have your head examined !

Here my friend is probably wondering how he got himself into this

Now one of the more common reasons to drink draft instead of lager is because of the cost. Now, depending on where you buy the 3.5 litre tower,it is usually cheaper than the same quantity of lager. Let’s do the math quickly. At my local watering hole the price of the 3.5 litre tower is $6. A pint at the same establishment costs $1. A pint has 375ml. 375ml x 6 equals 2,25 litres. So if you are drinking pints you have consumed 1.25 litres less beer after spending $6.God knows in these tough economic times ,cheap alcohol is simply divine!

Now,the first thing you need to do when getting a tower is to find a few of your friends to help you drink it.There is something brotherly about taking on a tower . I kid you not when i say a tower is a huge obstacle to defeat. It can only be done with the help of your close trusted lieutenants. You need to encourage each other and to help those that pass out.

Me and my trusted lieutenants

There is also another reason why you need your close buddies for this. It makes for a lot of alcohol consumption. Assuming there is three of you and you each bring $6 dollars to the table, 3 towers is enough to knock out a fully grown elephant! And as my math has shown it is very profitable

That’s me enjoying the nectar of the heavens!

Tip 1- Get a pour/er

You need a designated pourer. That is, someone who will pour the draft into the individual cups. If you look closely at the above picture you will notice that the tower has a tap at the bottom. You don’t need confusion when it comes to the dispensing of the draft. The pourer should be the person in your squad who has a reputation for being honest and fair. This is because the pourer has the task of making sure the draft is poured equally in all the three cups. This is very important because everyone has to contribute towards the task at hand. There is no room for social loafers. The pourer is also in charge of getting up and ordering the next tower.

Tip 2 – Take your time

Draft is meant to be savored not gulped. This is because more time and attention is devoted to its brewing.You need to enjoying the magic and angel dust the good people at Delta beverages put into your draft beer.And besides there is a self enclosed ice container inside the tower to keep the draft refreshingly cool. There is a hole at the top where the ice capsule is insert through. Large quantities of beer require a  technologically advanced cooling mechanism. The person who thought of that cooling mechanism deserves a fucking Nobel prize!

Tip 3 Don’t forget to eat

Boys,this thing is no joke. If you attempt it on an empty stomach you might end up shitting blood. Save yourself the agony and get a good plate of sadza and beef to help cushion its almighty blows.If your budget permits get a platter to go with your draft

My usual watering hole for the tower is Kudu bar at the corner of St Patricks and Chiremba road in Hatfield ,Harare.This is ideal because you can get it here for $6. However you can also get it for $12 at centurion pub at Harare sports club. It’s also available at O’Hagans Borrowdale but i have forgotten the price there. Try other good pubs in the city as well

Let me know of what you think about this post in the comments below .Till next time ,happy drinking.


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