In honour of the men’s movement and FHM magazine

Its been a while since i have posted. I think maybe it has been because iv been disappointed with the low views. But ,anyway i will march on. The people out there on the internet will read this blog through my sheer will of force. I have not mentioned this before on this blog but i am a strong adherent of the men’s movement. I,E Farrell , Connell and other such scholars. It’s a philosophical viewpoint i picked up in grad school. I think the the men’s movement is an accurate response to the narrative of crisis that has become the feminist movement.Anyway more on that another day….

I have decided to make this blog more men related. That is,in addition to the regular literary and political/philosophical posts ,i will post men related posts. These men related posts are in homage to FHM magazine ,especially the South African version which closed down. .These guys were good journalists and their stories were unique and creative.15ede01fa2ee4ff8561353dee90b0d23.jpg

I was a big fan of the magazine and i bought copies regularly during my short stay in the RSA.The magazine kindled an interest in journalism and communication.Its a pity that such men’s magazines are facing a slow decline. This is particularly true in the face of so many women’s publications in our Zimbabwean context.I think i have any opportunity to do something meaningful for Zimbabwean men on this blog.  So basically my interests in this magazine and the men’s movement have conflated to give the impetus for the new direction of this blog.So if you love guy things and you think men are disadvantaged in society you have come to the right placed5395c94776a4548887fc34402e8bb0f.

As a forth coming attraction (like the ones we used to see on VHS tapes before the main movie) my next blog entry is going to be about going out drinking beer and spending money.Because that is what guys do money nhla.jpg

See you then !!


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