How independent candidates hurt Zimbabwean democracy in this year’s election.

  I am a firm believer in democracy. That institution that the ancient Greeks advocated, implemented by the social experiment that became the USA, and hopelessly bungled by Zimbabwe. I believe people should have a say in their leadership and the individuals that constitute it. It’s generally the way the world is going in the […]

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The trouble with Zimbabwe

  I sat down to write this after getting inspired by Achebe’s essay collection titled The trouble with Nigeria. For those of you who have not read it i suggest you do so henceforth. The most striking aspect of the book for me is the fact that Chinua tries to honestly assess what is wrong with […]

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The motivation Letter

Dear Sir/ Madam

Re: Motivation letter for the Intersectional communications officer position

I am an English and Communication honours degree graduate currently pursing part time post graduate studies. I am looking for a stimulating and challenging position that will fully utilise my abilities. Communication has been a calling that I have excelled in .The importance of good, clear and concise communication for an organisation cannot be underestimated. My background in English offers me a unique advantage in understanding the intersection between Communication and English.

I am one of the few people, who in drafting communications will understand the difference between practise and practice, media and medium and proof reading and editing. Advanced expert knowledge in the Queen’s language means I will not confuse “their” and “there” when drafting communications for your organisation.  My journalism background at the Herald, the largest newspaper in Zimbabwe, means I know how to interact with members of the media. It also means I know how to work under pressure to meet print deadlines and I can research and verify facts in order to produce coherent communications documents.

My experience at ZimMarketer magazine furnishes me with indispensable skills on how to produce communications material for public consumption.  I am fluent in English Shona and Ndebele which I can use confidently to interact with the majority of Zimbabweans who might come from many different backgrounds.  My college education equipped me with knowledge in development communication .This means I can communicate with people in rural and remote areas in order to facilitate the endeavours of your organisation.

Please kindly consider me for the above named position.

Thank you.
Nhlanhla Dube.

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